Colby Covington Trashes Mike Perry & his “Ratchet Horse Faced” Girlfriend

Red hot UFC prospect Mike Perry returned to the octagon tonight fresh off his loss to Santiago Ponzinibiho in the main card opener versus Max Griffin for the UFC on Fox event. Perry brutally lost a decision after being beaten to a bloody pulp throughout the match. Before the fight Perry trashed contender Colby Covington and went viral for his comments:

“Other than it being so funny, I thought Colby was such a little punk ass bitch,” Perry said on the latest episode of BJ Penn Radio. “I don’t care who you are, I don’t care if we’re here because of UFC, [Werdum] was outright attacking him. [If that happened to me] I’m jumping off of Fabricio Werdum. I’m jumping at his neck. I’m going to try something. You ain’t going to attack me. I don’t care how big you are. I don’t care who you are… and Colby Covington is supposed to be one of the most skilled athletes in the world.”

“He showed that he’s a little punk ass bitch, he truly is on the inside, because like I said, once again, it don’t matter who you are, you cannot treat me like that. Fuck that. I’d shove that boomerang right up your ass. But I like Fabricio Werdum. Are you kidding me?” Perry said. “No. Don’t press charges. Then you really are such a vagina, man.”

Well, after tonight’s loss where the UFC showed the corner camera with Mike Perry’s girlfriend screaming instructions at him, Colby Covington responded with this tweet:


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Lets go back and look at the history of Mixed Martial Arts and how it all began. Art Davie proposed to John Milius and Rorion Gracie an eight-man single-elimination tournament called “War of the Worlds”. The tournament was inspired by the Gracies in Action video-series produced by the Gracie family of Brazil which featured Gracie jiu-jitsu students defeating martial-arts masters of various disciplines such as karate, kung fu, and kickboxing. The tournament would also feature martial artists from different disciplines facing each other in no-holds-barred combat to determine the best martial art and would aim to replicate the excitement of the matches Davie saw on the videos.[15] Milius, a noted film director and screenwriter, as well as a Gracie student, agreed to act as the event’s creative director. Davie drafted the business plan and twenty-eight investors contributed the initial capital to start WOW Promotions with the intent to develop the tournament into a television franchise.

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