Motorcyclist Beats The Brakes Off A Police Officer In Broad Daylight.

Shocking dashcam footage has emerged from Britain this week showing a police officer being severely beaten by a motorcyclist in the middle of a suburban street. The terrible incident occurred in Litherland, a suburb of Liverpool on England’s west on a Wednesday morning at about 11:00 am. The officer had pulled the motorcyclist over on suspicion of the bike being un roadworthy.

It is not known what actually set the assault off, but passers-by were shocked to see the officer on his back, fighting off the motorcyclist who was straddling him delivering blows. As the footage opens, bystanders are seen to try to intervene to stop the horrendous attack on a police officer. But the motorcyclist persists. The driver of the vehicle the dashcam is mounted on enters the frame wearing an orange jumpsuit.

He lays his knee into the attacker’s back before trying to drag him off. A second officer is seen running to the scene whilst reporting the crime on his radio. The footage cuts out while the man is still on top of the officer. Police confirmed a 39-year-old man from Maghull, Merseyside has been arrested but not yet charged with assaulting a police officer and other traffic offenses. Remarkably, the officer did not sustain any major injuries as a result of the attack and was able to continue his beat for the rest of the day. He suffered only minor cuts and bruises.

It is a lucky escape considering motorcycle gloves are known to be deadly weapon owing to their kevlar paneling. A police spokesperson said: ‘Thankfully the officer was able to remain on duty and suffered only minor injuries, and we’d like to thank the members of the public and other officers who came to his assistance. This officer was simply trying to do his job and I’m sure the public would agree that officers who are keeping our roads safe, should not be subject to behaviour like this.’