Kid With Insane Hands Shows No Mercy After Getting Cheap Shotted

Another youthful beef has been settled in primal fashion on a basketball court in the United States. The fight, which reportedly occurred in Texas features a shirtless, highly accomplished amateur fighter and a taller guy in Lakers shorts who reckons he can handle himself pretty well. A large crowd had assembled to view the fun with friends and family whipping their phones out to record the showdown.

It becomes pretty clear within the opening few seconds that the shirtless bloke knows his stuff. He has his hands down for much of the opening stanza, his eagle eyes allowing him to easily spot the obviously telegraphed wind ups his opponent makes in preparation to strike. He is fast as well, allowing him to get a couple of sneaky counter punches in there as well.

After repositioning when the fight went out of bounds, the topless bloke gets a bit more serious. He manages to land a flush cross to the jaw of his opponent sending him crashing to the concrete. From there he has a great opportunity to end it all, but the gentleman in the Lakers shorts expertly dodges his blow. The pair engage in a stalemate after grappling for a bit, but as they disengage, the kid in the Lakers shorts delivers a cheap shot.

The strike doesn’t seem to affect the topless bloke outwardly. But it sure does unleash the fire in the belly. As the two reset it is essentially all one-way traffic.The topless guy ducks, weaves, counters and strikes with a few hits scattering his opponent. The decisive blow comes swiftly. A nice punch to the jaw that knocks Lakers shorts guy’s head back before he falls to the ground.

Bystanders come in to prevent a ground and pound on the unconscious boy.but, remembering the cheap shot that he received earlier, the topless guy manages to kick him in the head through the crowd. Check out the footage below.