Most Feared Street Fighter In The City Gets MELTED By Muay Thai Specialist

We always love a mismatch with an unlikely victor. Whether it’s a skinny kid standing up to a bully, or a granny fending off a crackhead, part of us always roots for the more unlikely combatant.

The clip below showcases the talents of two locals. One is hailed as the best street brawler in the land. He sports a white tank top, blue shorts and probably his country’s equivalent of a southern cross tattoo. He is up against a Muay Thai fighter who comes complete with the kit to match. He is way more slightly built but turns out to be a powerful unit.

The clip opens at a baseball field which has been decided as the venue of choice for a showdown between the two men vying for top fighting accolades in the village. They don’t waste any time getting down to it. As the circle each other, the Muay Thai fighter goes on the offensive through wild kicks, knees and elbows. But the street fighter, to his credit, shows a fair amount of defensive prowess, fending off his feisty opponent.

There are a number of close shaves from both fighters that could have devastated the other if they connected. It isn’t long before the two get carried away and move into the distance before the cameraman calls them back

They return, reset and square off again. But this time it appears the street fighter’s concentration has broken and pretty soon, so has his face. The Muay Thai fighter has sensed an opportunity and snuck a checky fist through the gate connecting flush with the man’s cheek. He goes down for the count, but the martial artist lays a powerful kick to his head sending him into the land of Nod.

Bystanders intervene to ensure the unconscious man doesn’t cop any more of a beating and the video closes out. Check out the action on the player below.