High Level MMA fighter films himself beating the brakes off two dudes


We all know that not all fighters are created equal. Comparing us mere mortals with UFC fights is like chalk and cheese. Professionals are highly skilled, faster, stronger, harder and more seasoned than the rest of us and could probably beat 99% of people with one hand tied behind their backs. Well essentially that is what happened in the video below which has re-emerged and is going viral. The first person action is shot on an old cell phone held whilst beating the living hell out of two shirtless wankers in a street fight.


The clip is actually from 2013 and shows two men approaching the camera. They are pretty stacked and look like they should be able to handle themselves. It is not known why they decided to start trouble with the man on that dark night. But hindsight must make them wish they hadn’t!


The man, using a voice modulator so as not to be identified repeatedly tell the guys to back off. From there the camera goes a bit haywire as blows are exchanged. When the shot re-steadies we see that the two gentlemen are now bloodied messes having been absolutely caved by the cameraman who seems to be fine. He repeats that he warned them to back off but the two don’t seem to have had enough.


One thing that seems to have played into the mysterious cameraman’s favor is that he had the flashlight on his phone turned on which likely dazzled his assailants. Must be easier to hit a semi-blinded target even though it was one-handed! One of the men looks like he has a fractured eye socket from the onslaught, the other’s nose could be broken. They repeatedly spit out blood that is pooling in their mouths.


They tell him to “Walk back” whilst he welcomes the pair to come at him. He repeats that he is a UFC fighter and that they don’t know who they are messing with…but he leaves a clue: “Chuck Liddell’s my trainer… 212, come see me.” He couldn’t have been UFC 212 as the clip was uploaded in 2013, four years before UFC 212. So the question remains: Who is it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.