A JACKED Canelo Alvarez Front Squats 925 Pounds With Zero Problems


Mexican Boxing legend Saul “Canelo” Alvarez recently failed two separate Wada tests for the steroid Clenbutrol.


Canelo’s rematch with Gennady Golovkin was later cancelled and team Canelo claim that he was eating tainted Burritos which caused his failed tests.


Apparently if you eat an Enchilada in Mexico you will test positive. Canelo is still training hard and has now signed up to be random drug tested buy WADA on a year round basis.


The rematch took place on September 15th and Canelo beat the brakes off GGG. Here’s new footage of Canelo in the gym for his next opponent Daniel Jacobs crushing the front squats with 925 pounds loaded on and if you have ever lifted weights seriously, you would understand just how hard front squats are compared to normal squats.