Floyd Mayweather’s ‘Paid Killer’ Jizzy Mac Opens Fire On Conor McGregor


Jizzy Mac is a name that boxing fans will know pretty well. The American is Floyd Mayweather’s personal bodyguard, going with the boxer wherever he goes. Being one of the closest to the man, he is of particular interest to rogue YouTube journalists, looking to get a tidbit of gossip from the inner circle. ESNews caught up with Jizzy on a beautiful morning in Las Vegas. The clip is interspersed with footage of Jizzy training with Uzbekistani light-heavyweight champion Makhmud Muradov who was the first MMA fighter to sign with The Money Team. During his training, the 6’2” giant punches his repeatedly in the stomach for a good half a minute to toughen him up.

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During the interview, Jizzy sheds light on a number of issues including Floyd and McGregor’s then-upcoming bout against Floyd Mayweather as well as his thoughts on the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. After being quite outspoken in the past, Jizzy said: “Don’t get me wrong, Conor is a good MMA fighter, but as far as boxing goes nobody could beat the best ever, Floyd Mayweather.” “Understand he’s trying to sell it, but at the end the day he’s gotta be sharp, if you wanna be a boss man like Floyd Mayweather, to have your own promotion, have your own thing going for yourself and your family, do the right thing and take that L and you’ll be okay.”

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His thoughts on the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world (behind Mayweather of course). “…the best pound for pound fighter, in my eyes, is Canelo.” When comparing Canelo to Gennady Golovkin, Jizzy opines that GGG should have lost the decision in his September 2017 bout against the Mexican. Fans will remember that he, in fact, drew this fight.

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Changing topics, Jizzy then goes on to explain the blessed life he has led as part of Mayweather’s entourage, travelling the globe and having some amazing experiences. He divulges that he visited a huge house in Russia owned by one of Mayweather’s friends that had around 12 tigers galavanting around the joint. See the interview on the player below.