Computer Nerd Turned MMA Fighter Melts Another Opponent Like A Savage

We should never judge a book by its cover. This time-old advice goes doubly for humans! How often have appearances been deceiving enough to catch us completely by surprise? Whether it’s a marvelous voice coming out of an old Granny on a talent quest, or a weedy little kid bench-pressing 400 pounds, it seems time and time again we fall into the trap of per-conceiving what a person is capable of based on appearance. The clip below shows just that as a nerdy looking guy in Russia systematically messes up his opponent in a ghetto fighting tournament.

To set the scene, we open in a small village in the Russian heartland where a lot of crazy sh*t seems to go down in these types of clips. A makeshift fighting pit has been set up with a bed of straw laid down, probably to soak up the blood expected to be shed over the day. A crowd of villagers surrounds the pit and we see houses in the background. The set up is pretty decent though. The camerawork is pristine, the production value, complete with time clock cannot be faulted for a community-organized event. They even have a paramedic, or a random bloke in latex gloves on hand to tend to the wounded.

We see a couple of fighters getting geared up to enter the ring and they are being introduced as local favorites to the crowd. One guy, sporting a bit of Clark Kent action, is rocking the old thick-rimmed spectacles and nerdy haircut. His opponent looks far cooler, rocking a 2015 top-knot and proper MMA shorts. It’s gearing up to be a one-sided affair.

The nerd takes off his glasses, the two touch gloves warmly, the fight starts and the two go at it. The fight turns out to be pretty equal. The two trade punches wildly and the skill level from both appears to be low. The wild blows connect with varying levels of intensity, but the fighters seem to bounce back instantaneously despite some great connection sounds on some of the blows.

But there can only be one winner, as we see the nerdy guy get the upper hand with a superb right hand. Down goes top-knot and the ref comes in to call things off before someone dies. The crowd gives lukewarm applause as the nerd replaces his glasses to check on his opponent and mate. Check out the action on the player below.