Two Teens Beat The Brakes Off McDonald’s Manager While Everyone Watches

McDonald’s is a very different place by day and by night, By day, the chain is a family scene with Happy Meals and laughing children happy to get their hands on a new toy every week. But by night, the place is filled with drunks and druggies hoping to get their hands on a double quarter pounder and a chocolate thick shake to go with their next score.

But it is also a haven for drunk teenagers as we discovered in the video below that shows two misguided youths beating up a McDonald’s manager. Before the footage rolls, apparently, the two locked an employee in a cupboard in a display of classic immature bullying. The two, whose father was apparently present then set about making more of a nuisance of themselves.

Eyewitness Jasmine, was quick to whip out her phone and start filming the madness. She told reporters. “The tall McDonald’s worker went up to them and nicely asked ”I’m going to have to ask you to leave,“ I sensed it was going to erupt. Sometimes you can tell when someone is so drunk that there is no chance of reasoning with them.

They were so intoxicated. There was no stopping this – they would have hit anyone who got in the way. The other side of where people were eating were kids and old people. All the other guys were friends with them and carried on laughing,”

So the two thugs, now minus their father, who had returned to the car, set upon beating the manager. We see the poor bloke copping punches from all angles whilst trying to fend the pair off. After it settles down he tells them they have to leave. But shockingly, Jasmine reports the following.

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“Then outside at the front off the store, they used a metal bar they pulled off the door and tried to hit him. The McDonald’s staff member took a lot of punches. After they’d gone, [he] went into the back,” she added.

The footage has gone viral with widespread condemnation of the brothers’ actions. The family has been dragged through hell since the footage was made public. The mother put out this emotional and logical plea to leave the rest of the family out of it and that she would remonstrate with her boys herself. Check out the disgusting brawl on the player below.