Man Killed His Best Friend After Finding Out He Was A Paedophile

48 year old Christopher McMahon slit his long time best friends throat in his apartment in Tooting, South London in August of last year.

His friend, 50 year old David Potter had confessed to McMahon that he had been sexually abusing a six-year-old kid.

Potter began bragging about it and that’s when McMahon slit his throat and repeatedly stabbed him leaving him for dead face down on the apartment floor.

Dailymail has the full report:

On the night of August 20, he was drinking at Mr Potter’s small studio apartment above a convenience store, where he lived alone, while another man left in the early hours of the following day.

‘There is no doubt that in the early hours of that morning Mr McMahon stabbed Mr Potter repeatedly,’ Ms Whitehouse said.#

‘The reason I can say that there is no doubt about that is because Mr McMahon has now admitted it.

‘His clothing and shoes were covered in Mr Potter’s blood and the trainers he was wearing left footprints in blood all over Mr Potter’s flat.

‘After stabbing Mr Potter in the early hours of that morning, Mr McMahon left him dead or dying face down on the floor of the flat.’

Police officers found Mr Potter in a pool of blood when they forced entry to his home on March 26.

A post-mortem examination found he had a number of stab wounds to the neck, the most severe of which had gone through to the spine and cut numerous blood vessels including the jugular vein.